In the Age of Nasty Women

After Qiu Jin

Don’t tell me a woman

must be a damsel in distress,

when we alone win a war every minute,

every moon.

From pink nails

flows fearless femme freedom,

poems pouring from the tips

of pithy pigtails.

Don’t try to tie our waists,

our dreams cannot be bound.

I dream. I grieve. Ashamed

for all the times I didn’t stand with my

Sisters. But we are ever together in blood.

Marching onward through fear

and through frost.

The only distress we afford is that which we

conceive. So tell me how you think of me?

A whisper of wind? Or a tempest?



Here is the Chinese version of Qiu Jin’s original poem “Capping Rhymes With Sir Shih Ching From Sun’s Root Land” from







Sadly, my Chinese is not yet strong enough to translate my own attempt at mimicking Qiu Jin’s style and form. I might talk to my friend from Beijing about whether she would help me rewrite my poem “In the Age of Nasty Women” in Chinese.

Thanks for reading! ~JM


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