Lisa See (1955- ) & Update #6

I began my study of Asia with Lisa See’s 2009 novel Shanghai Girls. The novel follows the story of two modern-for-the-forties Chinese girls, a brilliant 姐姐(jiě jie,older sister) and a breathtaking 妹妹 (mèi mei, younger sister; called Sze Yup moy moy in the novel) as they are sold to American husbands and as Japan invades their home.

Lisa See, the author, is actually 1/8 Chinese Asian-American. She lived in Chinatown as a child and learned more than one dialect, and her knowledge of Chinese history is astounding.

I highly recommend See’s Shanghai Girls. I felt each event as it happened; reading this book is an emotional experience.

From here, I will be researching Asian poetry, then short stories and possibly more novels. I also plan on producing my own work in response to what I read. As I have been learning Chinese for nearly ten years and Japanese for one, I am extremely excited to begin this unit!


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