Myriam Montoya (1963- )


 for Carmenza Prieto

There is in my blood an ancestral conflict

Reproduced in my children’s eyebrow arc

In the secret corner of their laughter

In their long bones

In the overwhelming return of their dreams

There is a dispute in my being

The unease of an ancient affront

The wait for other generations

Prolonged in me and my brothers

A desire of vengeance born of the denying of pardon

The heartrending struggling to escape

Between laughter and dance

A desire to revive the dead

Unbraiding their voices and the other languages

Recognising myself in their skin

And in the fortuitous finding of memory.

I return to the childhood garden

from Flor de rechazo

I return to the childhood garden

To the sex of flowers

To their cavities and filaments

To the secret insides

we explore

The persecution of a too

full moon

laid siege to our steps

In the abrupt corolla of the flower

the unrestrained eye

captures the vertigo

I return to the immodest flower

To its butterfly fluttering

To the liquid sugar of its sepal

To its exhausted dancer

tulle corpse

I return to the zeal of the flower

To the wasp’s beating of wings

To its injected poison

in the bolt of my blood

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